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Build Amazing Web Applications With PHP, Yii and ExtJS
Our product is an enterprise class framework, capable of rendering embedded XML templates into ExtJS JavaScript components.

Ext4Yii 1.6 is released

We are very pleased to announce the immediate availability of Ext4Yii Framework 1.6.

Among several enhancements and fixes, we have upgraded Ext JS to 4.2.1 and included a Wizard Framework to help you create wizard like application components. Also in this version an IconPackage Builder is added so you can integrate custom icons for your application.

Please check out our examples and documentation page.

August 22, 2013

Ext4Yii Installation Video

We have prepared a 2 minute tutorial video to show you how you can setup and install the Ext4Yii Framework. Click here to watch.

Easily create wizards for your web applications

Ext4Yii Wizard Framework

Product Highlights

  • Includes all standard ExtJS components, and more...
    As the development of Ext4Yii continues, more and more ExtJS components are integrated into the Ext4Yii Framework.
  • Includes powerful code completion for NetBeans IDE
    The Ext4Yii framework includes a code completion provider for NetBeans IDE to create component templates easier and faster.
  • Integrate customized ExtJS components into your application
    By configuring the template parser you can integrate and use your own customized and third party ExtJS controls into the Ext4Yii Framework.
  • Growing docs and examples to get you started
    The Ext4Yii framework comes with a comprehensive list of examples, a growing number of tutorials to get you started building great business applications.